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Some of "The Greatest Adventures" that Dominica has to offer "CANYONING TREKS"

CANYONING is an exciting new adventure sport around the world.

150 US$ per person      (min. 2 persons) Transportation NOT included.



Cannoning usually involves jumping into pools: wading and swimming, climbing and scrambling over log jams and rappelling through waterfalls. There is enough variety to cater for all levels of experience and fitness. Canyoning in Dominica offers a great way to explore the hidden depths of these natural wonders, while at the same time, enjoying the fun and adventure of an exciting activity.

This is an adventure not to be missed!

You'll put on a wetsuit and helmet and then brace yourself. This is the place. Over the next few hours, we trek down through a lush forested river gorge, deep spectacular canyons and lots of water. Think "Rambo" wading through rivers, over fallen trees and rocks.

Imagine yourself in surrounded by lush rainforest atop a magical canyon; full of tropical waterfalls with surprises each step of the way. This awesome canyon is located a short distance from the town of Roseau and is divided into three sections - all have an easy access from the road. Prepare to get wet as your experienced guides assist you as you make your way down a series of 8 amazing rappels!

We cater to all levels of experience and any age group (maximum group of ten persons)

What to Expect and Price

Our canyoning adventures take place at different locations. We offer a 4-Hour Adventure that gives you a rush of adrenaline and prepares you for another day of action.
You can choose from three canyons for the moment, all the canyons are spectacular and have some amazing water falls to rappel down.  

For those who are really adventurous, we also offer an overnight experience under the stars.

Our adventure starts with a hike, topped by an entertaining mid-Forest crash course on rappelling and related subjects.

We work with a small group of local guides certified and instructed by TI Mountaineering, a well-known company in the American climbing circles, located in the Roseau Valley, ten minutes from Roseau.
Safety is our main priority and we all have a great respect for Mother Nature. It may be necessary under certain situations to change location depending on weather and rainfall.

What to Bring with You

We recommend comfortable shoes that can get wet and still have a good grip, i.e., dive booties with a soft sole or canyoning shoes, swim suit, long legged wet suit that prevent scrapes, a sweat shirt as it can get cold, sun screen, a hat and cameraWe will supply you with safety helmets, harnesses and all necessary equipment for rappelling and climbing, life jackets and waterproof bag. Wet suits can be rented. Food will also be arranged for day trips and camping equipment for overnight adventures.

We are ready to take you on some great adventures!

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We look forward to seeing you!