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Dominica Travel info :
[The adventure island]
[The boiling lake] [Freshwater & Boeri lake]
[The Carib territory] [The coast] [Rainforest, rivers and waterfalls]
[Whales, dolphins,...] [Sports and activities in Dominica]



The adventure island

  • The Caribbean has many beautiful islands and numerous great diving destinations, but Dominica stands alone as the premier destination for adventurous nature lovers.
    Covered from end to end with towering mountains and volcanoes, jungle thick forest and hundreds of pure clear rivers cascading over magnificent waterfalls.

  • Dominica is the Caribbean winner for divers, hikers, whale and dolphin watchers, bird watchers and nature lovers in general, who want to experience nature in its purest sense Dominica!

Boiling Lake

  • Considered the largest of its kind in the world, the lake boils form volcanic heat coming from the crater.
    A strenuous three to four hours hike each way.

  • For experienced hikers, to be taken only with a guide.

Fresh Water Lake/Boeri Lake

  • The hike to the two lakes offers wonderful panoramic views of the villages near the Atlantic coast.
    It starts at the Fresh Water Lake, in the Morne Trois Pitons National Park, three to four hours roundtrip.

  • At the altitude of 2,800 feet and more, the air is sweet, clean and pure, inviting you to rest and refresh yourself.


The Indian river and Cabrits

  • Cabrits Dominica's war museum, a trip into the history of Dominica.

  • The native Caribs live in a very special part of the island and still engage in many of their traditional handicrafts and lifestyle.

  • A visit to the Caribs is one of the wonders of the Caribbean, which every visitor should experience.

  • Just south of Portsmouth, on the Indian River, guides take you on a relaxing one hour boat ride up this winding, mangrove-lined river.
    Luxurious vegetation hangs overhead and along the banks, ideal place for photos and nature watching 

The coast

  • Some of the best beaches are found along the northeast coast, where swimming is protected by coral reefs, Beautiful beaches surround the Calibishie coast. Dominica offers you white, grey and black beaches, due to its volcanic origins.

  • The rest of the coast offers you viewing areas you'll never forget.
    Dominica is a slide show of beauty, with each image more colorful than the one before.

Rainforest, rivers and waterfalls.

  • Dominica is without doubt, the nature island of the Caribbean.
    A tropical green house bathed in a rainbow of colors and 365 rivers and streams.

  • Between the mountains and the deep blue sea lies an endless string of adventures.
    Rivers burst through mountain gorges.
    Tumbling waterfalls crash down the mountains.
    Beautiful volcanic craters. One could spend a month in Dominica and still not see everything
    The national parks still remain the best stands of relatively undisturbed, prime oceanic rain forest in the lesser Antilles, you will enjoy the multitudes of rivers and waterfalls, splendid for refreshing river bathing. 

Whale, dolphin and bird watching

  • A geyser from a massive creature spout suddenly fills the air.
    Whales appear right before your eyes.
    This, no doubt, is the celebrated stuff of story book adventures.
    Few experiences in lifetime are so electrifying.

  • Dominica's gentle seas contours are ideal for hosting whale population, they can be seen as close as a few hundred yards from shore! The whales that live in these deep, warm waters are Sperm whales.

  • Two species of endangered and endemic parrots, the Imperial or Sisserou and the Red-necked or Jaco, can be seen in Dominica.

Sports and activities in Dominica


  • In Dominica, every track leads to High adventure? Dominica's many miles of hiking trails wait to feel your footsteps.
    An intricate network of trails, designed for all types and ages provides natural excitement.
    And don't forget your camera!!

Sea kayaking

  • Why not discover Dominica's coastline on a kayaking excursion?  Combine swimming, snorkeling and bird watching as you glide along.

Mountain biking

  • Want to keep in shape and discover Dominica at the same time?
    Mountain biking will put you on the right path.  Levels of biking range from easy to arduous.


  • Make no mistake about it.
    Dominica's amazing underwater spectacle has equal billing with its topside attractions.
    Dominica's dive operators offer packages, dive trips and lessons for beginners and confirmed divers.

    Diving QuickTime movie:




  • Corals and bubbly activity awaits excited snorkelers and all of this just a few feet away from the beach.







Lets “ YOU ” travel around the island with “ PRIVATE DRIVER and CAR “

- We pick and drop you at the airport. (Send your landing time and flight number )
- Stay in Calibishie Lodges Hotel, Dominica’s Sea View Apartment or in the Luxury Aria Sea Villa.
- Breakfast every morning when you stay in Calibishie Lodges Hotel.
- Explore Dominica and reach your destination in a luxurious 4 x 4 Jeep or Toyota Land Cruiser.
- The car and driver will be available 8 hours (continuous) any or every day of the week. (Your plans for the following day will be arranged with the driver each evening).
- During your 8 hours of service you will be driven where you want, free to stop where you want and stay as long as you desire (to make pictures – do your hikes, trips – to enjoy the beaches – to do your shopping and all the rest that you have in mind. The driver will be of utmost help in providing you with necessary information needed or assist you in finding information required.
- Security: The driver is always around and will see to your well being.

Advantages: You don’t have the headache of driving for yourself on the curvy narrow roads: result: you are not so tired at the end of the day.

- Dominica’s National Park week pass is included: 12 US$ per person. (With this pass you can visit all the Dominica National sites).
- Tax and service charges are included.

- For certain tour sites a licensed guide is required: the price for this is included in the package. (Those licensed guides are on the sites)


* 320 US$ per night (when you stay at Calibishie Lodges Hotel Suites for 2 persons)
* 260 US$ per night (when you stay at Dominica’s Sea View Apartments for 2 persons)
* 380 to 450 US$ per night (when you stay at the Luxury Villa (depending on the Suite taken) - for 2 persons)



















HORSEBACK RIDING TOUR includes... Return transportation from Roseau Cruise Ship Berth to HIGHRIDE Stables including sites of interest along the way. One-hour fully guided horseback ride along mountain rain-forest trails. All riding equipment including safety helmets. Refreshment after the ride. Tour duration 2.5 hours



The Sea Turtles of Dominica From Late March to October, a select few of visitors to Dominica's beaches are lucky to witness a remarkable event, as giant 1,000+lbs endangered Leatherback sea turtles arrive on the pristine beaches of south east Dominica to lay their precious cargo of eggs. Driven by ancient impulses, these remarkable creatures return to the Nature Isle (the home of their birth 25 to 30 years previously) to recreate the miracle of their fragile lives.



Trafalgar Falls
Cabrits/Fort Shirley
Scott's Head

Middleham Falls
Morne aux Diables
Sari Sari Falls
Victoria Falls
Morne aux Diables
Morne Anglais
Boiling Lake
Morne Diablotin