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We are Real Estate Consultants dedicated in offering you the opportunity to have less stress more service, giving complete guidance through your purchasing or building process and providing access to first hand information regarding your investment and Dominica.

The key to any successful Real Estate investment or second home project is knowledge of the property, area, government and every aspect of life surrounding the investment. As property Consultants we are committed in helping you find the answers to your questions and solutions to your problems providing simply stated information to all our clients.

Our goal is working with you on an individual bases to ensure the purchasing process be smooth & seamless transition, working with your goals & objectives in a personalized professional and courteous manner.

We are unwavering in our commitment to give you the highest level of service.

We concentrate on a particular area in Dominica. (The Northen side of Dominica)
We believe that this area has the most future potential with the airport being close by and  the increase in forneigners' investing. It is also one of the most beautiful part of the island.
This does not indicate that we are not interested in working on the other side of the island, but or main focus will be on the northern area due to its growing potential, continuous development and our knowledge of the area.

You will notice we do not have that much for sale, since our attempt is promote properties with good value in terms of location, view and future resale value.

Our main aim is making sure our clients are satisfied since we believe this is the best publicity. At the same time we do understand that it maybe not be possible to please everyone base on their particular expectation but we will always try our best to meet you half way.

These being our basic principle we welcome you to give us the opportunity to serve you.

For information about our services contact us at:

Nature Island Real Estate Ltd.
Middle Ridge
Commonwealth of Dominica W.I.

Web site :





Lets “ YOU ” travel around the island with “ PRIVATE DRIVER and CAR “

- We pick and drop you at the airport. (Send your landing time and flight number )
- Stay in Calibishie Lodges Hotel, Dominica’s Sea View Apartment or in the Luxury Aria Sea Villa.
- Breakfast every morning when you stay in Calibishie Lodges Hotel.
- Explore Dominica and reach your destination in a luxurious 4 x 4 Jeep or Toyota Land Cruiser.
- The car and driver will be available 8 hours (continuous) any or every day of the week. (Your plans for the following day will be arranged with the driver each evening).
- During your 8 hours of service you will be driven where you want, free to stop where you want and stay as long as you desire (to make pictures – do your hikes, trips – to enjoy the beaches – to do your shopping and all the rest that you have in mind. The driver will be of utmost help in providing you with necessary information needed or assist you in finding information required.
- Security: The driver is always around and will see to your well being.

Advantages: You don’t have the headache of driving for yourself on the curvy narrow roads: result: you are not so tired at the end of the day.

- Dominica’s National Park week pass is included: 12 US$ per person. (With this pass you can visit all the Dominica National sites).
- Tax and service charges are included.

- For certain tour sites a licensed guide is required: the price for this is included in the package. (Those licensed guides are on the sites)


* 320 US$ per night (when you stay at Calibishie Lodges Hotel Suites for 2 persons)
* 260 US$ per night (when you stay at Dominica’s Sea View Apartments for 2 persons)
* 380 to 450 US$ per night (when you stay at the Luxury Villa (depending on the Suite taken) - for 2 persons)